BEGINNINGS – Australian Speculative Fiction.

Esmerelda is trapped in a nightmare, unable to wake and escape from the darkness. A simple bus trip turns into a fight for survival. Alone in a strange place with no memories of who she is or how she got there, Alora’s world changes forever.

These are just some of the stories that you will find in this thrilling collection of speculative tales. Authors include: Lachlan Walter, Carolyn Young, A. A. Warne, Alanah Andrews, Chris Foley, Stephen Herczeg, Austin P. Sheehan, Sasha Hanton, Kel E. Fox, Matthew P. Copping, Maddie Jensen, Belinda Brady, Rebecca Dale, Marcus Turner, Maureen Flynn and Jocelyn Spark.

JOURNEYS – Australian Speculative Fiction.

What games do the dead play? Can the ambassador negotiate peace with a hostile alien race? Why is Rae so terrified of a letter from the ‘Next Chapter’ Department of Lebensqualität? Read about living mannequins, prison ships, pandemics and more in the second anthology from Aussie Speculative Fiction.

Authors include: Alice Lam, Gerry Huntman, Kevin Klehr, Nick Marone, Fallacious Rose, Tee Linden, Thomas Roland, Stephen Herczeg, Austin P. Sheehan, Taine Andrews, Faran Silverton, TC Phillips, Chris Foley, Jocelyn Spark and Alanah Andrews.

REVOLUTIONS – Australian Speculative Fiction.

While on a remote placement, a teacher gets caught up in a war that changes Australia. A bounty hunter pursues a rebel with his sights on taking down the Galactic Council. The only thing worse than what the Fortitute’s crew discover in the depths of space is their return journey. Read about valiant heroes, cyborgs, luddites, and more in this exciting anthology from Australian Speculative Fiction.

Authors include: Leanbh Pearson, Stephen Herczeg, Melissa Ferguson, Chris Foley, Sarah Jane Justice, Rebecca Dale, Isaac Still, Christopher McMaster, M. R. Mortimer, Tamantha Smith, and S. M. Isaac.