Drowned Earth

Eight novellas.

Eight Australian authors.

One watery apocalypse.

Scientists said that it would take 5000 years for oceans to rise.

They were wrong.

After an asteroid collides with Antarctica, a tsunami devastates the world’s coastal cities and escalates the melting of the ice caps.

These eight novellas set in various locations around Australia explore the potential consequences of such a catastrophe. They can be read in any order.

Prequel short story: Shards of Silver by Alanah Andrews (Ebook Only: Free Download)

The Rise by Sue-Ellen Pashley

The great rise means that resources are scarce and not readily shared. But with her best friend’s life at stake, Katie James knows she must prove there’s more to being human than just existing. Even if that puts her on the same kill list.

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Fire Over Troubled Water by Nick Marone

Despite winds, torrential rains, storms, and bushfires, a fresh water merchant searches for his lost daughter among the autonomous island communities of flooded eastern New South Wales.
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Submerged City by Austin P. Sheehan

Melbourne is under martial law, overseen by General Messinger – an extremist who believes the flood was God’s retribution against the left-wing agenda…

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Tides of War by Marcus Turner

After discovering a strange man in a rowboat, Maria wages war on the lotus cities – clandestine floating communities off the coast of Victoria that are reserved for the wealthy.
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The Jindabyne Secret by Jo Hart

With nothing but a map and a rickety solar truck, Jax journeys to the top secret fresh water facility at Lake Jindabyne – one of the few fresh water lakes left in Australia. What he discovers there could be the key to saving his whole community, as long as the government doesn’t kill him first.
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River of Diamonds by S. M. Isaac

Who would want to leave one of the last idyllic settlements since the rise? Rosa has a map, a mercenary, and a hope to salvage a future for the world.

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Salvaged by C.A. Clark 

Cassie lives in the safe haven of academics on board the anchored city of New Melbourne. After a diving incident she is rescued by a territorial beach combing gang who trade goods washed up by the frequent storms. Cassie wishes she had never taken her home for granted. d never taken her home for granted.

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Emoto’s Promise by Shel Calopa

Five hundred years after the flood, can Macie defeat the technology which has enslaved the last remaining humans in the walled city of Darwin?
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