The Zodiac Series

The Zodiac Series is a collection of anthologies, each containing speculative stories and poems inspired by the mythology and imagery of the twelve Zodiac signs.

Each anthology contains an introductory poem by Zoey Xolton and a foreword discussing the sign by Sasha Hanton. From there, you will find diverse and engaging short stories, poems and novellas that span multiple genres, including science fiction, horror, fantasy, dystopian and urban fantasy, told by some award-winning authors and new stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.

WANDERING STARS: The Best of the ZODIAC series

Celebrating the Zodiac collection, WANDERING STARS features twenty-four tales chosen from the twelve anthologies, two focusing on each star sign.

The authors include Nikky Lee, Mikhaeyla Kopievsky, Dee Cheers, Tee Linden, Rebecca Dale, Austin P. Sheehan, Aiki Flinthart, Maddie Jensen, Tim Borella, LJ McLeod, Deeanna West, Stephen Herczeg, Marcus Turner, Belinda Brady, Brianna Bullen, Talien Jae, Emilie Morscheck, Eva Leppard, Aveline Perez de Vera, Zena Shapter, Pamela Jeffs, Jessica Nelson-Tyers, and Heather Ewings.

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CAPRICORN – Aussie Speculative Fiction

A gruesome goat-fish carcass washes up on a beach. A colony mission to the Gamma Capricorni system goes horribly wrong. Friends compete in a race to survive the first Zodiac trial.

This collection features stories by Nikky Lee, Stephen Herczeg, Austin P. Sheehan, Sam M. Phillips, Marcus Turner, Maddie Jensen, Brianna Bullen, Alanah Andrews, Dee Cheers and Helena McAuley.

AQUARIUS – Aussie Speculative Fiction

Lost on a glacier and close to death, Andrea finds an unexpected ally. A research facility on one of Saturn’s moons holds a disturbing mystery. Fídi longs to escape her aunties’ island, but they sink any ship that comes close.

This collection features stories by Fallacious Rose, Pamela Jeffs, Aiki Flinthart, Nikky Lee, Frank Prem, Tee Linden, Dee Cheers, Stephen Herczeg, Dorian Morrow, Austin P. Sheehan, Shel Calopa, Sam M. Phillips, Shay Laurent, DL Fleming and Helena McAuley.

PISCES – Aussie Speculative Fiction

A geologist seeks her missing sister on the moons of Jupiter. The crew of the Valentine dredge up something awful from the ocean’s depths. An ancient God is called upon during a bloody war.

This collection features stories by Fallacious Rose, Aiki Flinthart, Tee Linden, Austin P. Sheehan, DM Burdett, Lisandra Linde, Maddie Jensen, Rem Wigmore, Stephen Herczeg, Zoey Xolton, Rebecca Dale, Brianna Bullen, Carolyn Young, Nikky Lee and Helena McAuley.

ARIES – Aussie Speculative Fiction

A vendetta between a teenager and her dad’s stubborn ram continues into the afterlife. The crew of the Persephone find trouble in the Arietis sector. Audrey finds herself the guest of a coven of goat-worshipping witches.

This collection features ‘Ram’s Revenge’ by Nikky Lee, shortlisted for the ‘Best Young Adult Short Story’ Aurealis Award, as well as stories by Austin P. Sheehan, Amanda McLeod, Jenna Whittaker, Brianna Bullen, Aiki Flinthart, Emilie Morscheck, A. G. Jones, Stephen Herczeg, Sam M. Phillips, Zena Shapter, BG Hilton, Lisa Rodrigues, Rohsaan McInnes and Helena McAuley.

TAURUS – Aussie Speculative Fiction

Decades after a matador’s final fight, an unexpected rival returns. Two thieves steal ancient Egyptian treasure, setting off an unexpected chain of events. What must a hunter do after killing a god’s sacred bull?

This collection features stories by Leanbh Pearson, Jenny Blackford, Stephen Herczeg, Brianna Bullen, Austin P. Sheehan, Nikky Lee, BG Hilton, Paula Mason, Eva Leppard and Helena McAuley.

GEMINI – Aussie Speculative Fiction

An unexpected family reunion ends in disaster. Alice finds more she bargained for when crawling through the sewers looking for her twin brother. A detective on the hunt for a serial killer makes a terrifying discovery.

This collection features stories by Belinda Brady, Carolyn Young, Brianna Bullen, Marcus Turner, M . R. Mortimer, Nikky Lee, Deeanna West, Aiki Flinthart, Talien Jae, Stephen Herczeg and Helena McAuley.

CANCER – Aussie Speculative Fiction

The medical breakthrough of the century allows the curing of all diseases, but comes at a cost. A diver makes a discovery under the sea that changes his world. Aaralyn, the young Keeper, is called upon to defend the Mermaid Kingdom.

This collection features ‘Phoenix Pharmaceuticals’ by Jessica Nelson-Tyers, winner of the Aurealis Award for ‘Best Horror Short Story’ and ‘Karkinos’ by Nikky Lee, shortlisted for the ‘Best Fantasy Novella’ as well as stories by Eva Leppard, Stephen Herczeg, Kel E. Fox, Barbara Smith, Brianna Bullen, Emily Siggs, Neen Cohen, Deeanna West, Clare Rhoden, Lisa Rodrigues, Heather Ewings and Helena McAuley.

LEO – Aussie Speculative Fiction

A family’s safari holiday turns into a nightmare. Among the ruins of Perth Station, a technician stumbles upon a disturbing truth. A pride of lions succumbs to a mysterious disease.

This collection features stories by Aveline Perez de Vera, Stephen Herczeg, Emilie Morscheck, Neen Cohen, Emily Siggs, Nikky Lee, Leanbh Pearson, Brianna Bullen, Clare Rhoden, Kel E. Fox, Phil Hore, Deeanna West and Helena McAuley.

VIRGO – Aussie Speculative Fiction

Mary’s world is changed forever when all she wants are the ingredients for a simple pad thai. The Astrea is preparing to leave Earth, but will the crew survive the launch? Danny is stuck with his grandparents over summer, but things are not as they appear in their safe gated community.

This collection features stories by Nikky Lee, Eva Leppard, Neen Cohen, Austin P. Sheehan, Helena McAuley, Deeanna West, Barbara Smith, Emilie Morscheck, Brianna Bullen, Maddie Jensen, K. B. Elijah and Stephen Herczeg.

LIBRA – Aussie Speculative Fiction

After arriving in a small town, the Secret Eater discovers a wicked plan. A Russian immigrant learns that you cannot escape the justice of the rusalki, no matter how far you run. The village Guardian is ordered to take a child to the One Lake as an offering, but is torn between her duty and the lore of the Goddess.

This collection features stories by LJ McLeod, Brianna Bullen, Barbara Smith, Cage Dunn, Kel E. Fox, Munira Tabassum Ahmed, Nikky Lee, Jo Mularczyk, Emilie Morscheck, Stephen Herczeg and Helena McAuley.

SCORPIO – Aussie Speculative Fiction

A reporter investigating rumours behind the construction of a new dam discovers something truly monstrous. In search of the mysterious Aqrabuamelu, a woman faces the harsh desert only to find even more dangerous truths. A hieroglyphic stone carrying a deadly threat finds its way to a Dublin antiquarian.

This collection features stories by Nikky Lee, Jo Mularczyk, Tee Linden, Barbara Smith, Mikhaeyla Kopievsky, Georgia MacShane, David Whitaker, DJ Elton, Brianna Bullen, B. A. Nielsen, Leanbh Pearson, Stephen Herczeg and Helena McAuley.