Deadset Press is excited to announce that we have selected some wonderful novellas to publish in 2023, and cannot wait to share them with you!

The first is ‘RADCLIFFE’ by Madeleine D’Este.
RADCLIFFE  is a gothic tale of a weird building filled with weird women.

“When a mysterious voice tells middle-aged Tamsin that ‘death is coming’ and leads her to a shabby apartment building filled with odd women, who has Tamsin been sent to save?”

Madeleine is a horror author – originally from Tasmania but now living in Melbourne – whose writing is beautiful and powerful, and the characters and mystery of RADCLIFFE will surely draw you in.

The second is ‘TALON MARKED’ by Sue-Ellen Pashley.
TALON MARKED is a fantasy piece set in a world torn apart by war between the humans and dragons.

“When a wounded dragon forces her to help him, twenty-two-year-old Sage fights to
resist the order with every part of her being. All she wants is to find her brother and survive
the dragon-human war which has killed the rest of her family.”

Sue-Ellen lives in a beach town in Central Queensland and, as an eternal optimist, enjoys making things difficult for her protagonists but loves a happy ending. The memorable characters and wonderful world-building of TALON MARKED make it a great read for readers of fantasy.

The third is ‘CATHULU’ by Brianna Bullen.
CATHULU is a YA post-apocalyptic murder-mystery novella with a cast including the robot of a dead student and an elder god who looks like a dead cat.

“Dottie Hartbridge was a brilliant student with a brilliant mind destined for great things. Unfortunately, death got in the way. The school writes it off as a suicide, but some of her classmates are not convinced. With the help of a robot copy of Dottie and the elder god who looks suspiciously like a cat with a fungal infection living under the school, two of her classmates seek to uncover the truth behind the golden girl’s death.”

Brianna Bullen lives just west of Melbourne on unceded Wathaurong and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, where she writes short stories and poems. She has a knack for writing compelling, creative and crazy stories and CATHULU is no exception.

We will also be publishing ‘THIS IS THE DAWNING’ by Helena McAuley.
THIS IS THE DAWNING is a is a hilarious and touching YA novella focusing on the trials and tribulations of being a Zodiac God at the dawning of a new age. It was published in serial format in Deadset Press’ ZODIAC SERIES of speculative fiction anthologies inspired by the signs of the Zodiac.

Helena is a Melbourne-based writer of speculative fiction, with a refreshing and unique take on the world. We are excited about publishing THIS IS THE DAWNING as a stand-alone novella, and can’t wait for you to read it!

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