Salvaged by C. A. Clark


Cassie lives in the safe haven of academics on board the anchored city of New Melbourne. After a diving incident she is rescued by a territorial beach combing gang who trade goods washed up by the frequent storms. Cassie wishes she had never taken her home for granted. d never taken her home for granted.


Life is easy for Cassie…

Born in the post-rise utopia of New Melbourne, she has everything she needs, but lacks the one thing she wants—attention from her parents.

Cassie is too young and sheltered to truly understand the hardship faced by humankind during the greatest disaster on earth. The horrors of the past are of no concern to her…

Until an impulsive decision to go diving during a storm leads her far away from the comforts of New Melbourne. Cassie soon discovers that not everybody lives the same way she does.

With her life in danger, the horrors of the past become the horrors of today. Will Cassie salvage the wreck of her life?

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