Submerged City by Austin P. Sheehan


Melbourne is under martial law, overseen by General Messinger – an extremist who believes the flood was God’s retribution against the left-wing agenda…


Six months ago…

A tsunami devastated Melbourne, submerging the central business district and dividing the city in two. The mainland is now under martial law, controlled by General Messinger who believes the rise was god’s retribution against a sinful world.

David escaped Messinger’s persecution and the violence of the mainland by fleeing to the remains of the city skyscrapers. Life in the flooded city is tough, resources are scarce, and the raids by the defence force keep everyone on edge. But David is determined to survive, protecting the one thing the rise hasn’t taken from him—his adopted son, Salim.

When Salim goes missing, taken during one of Messinger’s raids, David is desperate to get him back—even if that means facing the wrath of Messinger and the Australian Defence Force.

But he won’t be fighting alone.

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